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What ever your outcome our approach is very simple. Through our intensive initial and movement assessment we identify your strengths, build on your weaknesses to amplify you. From absolute beginner to the elite, we tailor our programs towards your individual needs.



Training environment is always a crucial key towards reaching the outcome. EPIC offers semi private group sessions to amplify the atmosphere to ensure you get that outcome you want.


EPIC offers a range of courses to offer insights into Powerlifting, Strength Training and PT Development through the Coaches Initiative Course. Education and continual growth is the key to success in the industry. EPIC offers a range of courses to educate, influence and share insights into powerlifting and all things strength training.

Personal Trainers and Coaches have access to additional development courses through the “Coaches Initiative Course”.


EPIC offer online coaching for those who want the EPIC experience but can’t make it to face to face sessions. This is again specific to your needs and goals with clients nationally and internationally achieving the results that matter to them.

Technical assessments and guidance is provided throughout the process via video and Skype contact. Clients have full access to our community and resources so you are able to gain the knowledge and insight rather than go through the motion of just training.