See the team behind EPIC Online, their passions and hobbies about training and supplements

Brandon Greco

Brandon Greco

CEO, Head Coach

“Sometimes you need to be your own hero”

Jason Pagan

Jason Pagan

Assistant Coach

“Get used to being comfortable while being uncomfortable”


Our mission is to bring about a new generation of superheroes equipped with the necessary tools to navigate any challenge and succeed in every aspect of life.

Combining leading-edge science, high quality nutrients and utilizing the leading strategies developed and used by top athletes and health professionals, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with coaching, supplements and products aimed at helping people unleash the hero within.

EPIC was founded in 2014 with the motive and initiative to create a new standard for elite performance in individuals inside and outside the gym. In 2015, we created and implemented the EPIC AMPLIFY System into its workings to allow our customer to gain greater clarity and insights to achieve their outcomes. We will continue to raise this standard to achieve our mission.